New Rent Control Simplified New Rent Control: AB 1482

STATEWIDE – For All Of California

❖ Effective January 1, 2020. New laws might be renewed or get revised in 2030.

❖ Does not apply to dwellings that already fall under rent control. Those existing rules will remain in effect.

❖ Does not apply to duplex’s where owner occupies 1 unit.

❖ Applies to Multi Family dwellings built on and before 2005

❖ Applies to SFR that are owned by a Corporation, LLC (in which at least one member is a
corporation), and REIT (real estate investment trust).

• Rent increases shall not be more than: 5% + CPI (Consumer price Index). The increase can not exceed 10%.

• Rents can only be raised every 12 months.

• Any rent increases after March 15, 2019 must revert back to (rent prior to the increase) + 5% + CPI. ……Owner will not owe any reimbursements for that time period.

• By August 1, 2020 a Disclosure notice must be provided to the tenant or added to the lease as an addendum. Disclosure must be in 12-point font. C.A.R and A.O.A will be adding the verbiage to their leases.

• A Disclosure notice must be provided to all tenants for properties that are exempt.

• JUST CAUSE: Termination of tenancy of Owner can terminate a tenancy under the following

AT-fault :

▪ Nonpayment of rent.
▪ Being in violation of the lease in which tenant/s have not corrected the concern after a written notice to correct the violation was provided.

▪ Using the premises for an unlawful purpose
▪ Tenant fails to vacate after tenant has give their written notice to vacate
▪ Nuisance
▪ Waste
▪ Refusal to sign a lease renewal
▪ Criminal activity
▪ Assigning or subletting
▪ Refusal to allow the owner to enter


▪ If owner or a relative wants to move back into the property. Relative can be a spouse, domestic partner, children, grandchildren, parent, or grandparent.
▪ Withdrawal of the property from the rental market.
▪ Court Order relating to habitability or local ordinance that necessitates vacating the property.
▪ Owner wishes to demolish or to substantially remodel the residential real property.

All the above are considered “No-fault”. Owner must pay a relocation fee equivalent to one month’s rent (to be paid within
15 days of the notice. Or, waive the last month’s rent.

❖ Section 8: o Effective January 1, 2020.
▪ Section 8 shall be taken into consideration for ALL properties and locations throughout California.

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