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  • Community Events

    Sunday Draw Sketch Session

    Bakersfield Artists

    The is open to any and all artist, come and draw with us! Bring your sketchbooks, paints, pencils, iPads, laptops and anything that you use to create art and come it create art with us! Get inspired by the other artist around and practice your...

    WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration

    Bakersfield WordPress

    WordPress will be 15th years old this May 27th, 2018! On Monday, May 21st, we're planning a global event celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary with WordPress community groups around the world. You are invited! We'll meet at Mesh Cowork to...

    Outdoor field soccer at beale Park Coed... 4v4 Thursday :)

    Bakersfield Soccer Nation: Can you kick it...

    Soccer Nation: soccer at the tennis courts in Beale Park, all levels welcome, bring running shoes and plenty of water....

    Bakersfield Real Estate Investors Networking meetup

    Bakersfield Real Estate Investors Networking Group

    Our group is a great place to meet other investors and real estate professionals for our monthly networking meetup. Please plan on ordering food and drinks from the establishment that provides us the venue. Location: Rusty's Pizza (Laurelglen...

  • Recent Posts

    Make Your Home a Model

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    HOW TO USE COMPARABLE SALES TO PRICE YOUR HOME How much can you sell your home for? Probably about as much as the neighbors got, as long as the neighbors sold their house in recent memory and their home was just like your home. Knowing how much homes similar to yours, called comparable sales (or […]

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    Home Selling Prep

    Home Selling Prep Selling home is an intensely challenging and tedious process. It requires basic knowledge of real estate marketing, finance and negotiation to make a deal in your favor. Here are some tips that will make house selling process an easy to go task: Make your home appealing.  Try to look at your home […]

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    Benefits of Hiring a Realtor

    Benefits of hiring a Realtor Buying or selling a property is an extremely tedious process. It requires lots of complex formalities to be carried out like legal documents, policies, form filling, assembling many meetings etc. Hiring a professional Realtor can help you to avoid such hassles and unnecessary delays in your major financial transactions. There […]

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